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The large bee fly

On spring day a came across what looked like a miniature hummingbird zapping about around the garden. It turned out to be a large bee fly, a fascinating little creature.

I quickly ran inside and grabbed the family camera - the trusted Nikon D40, and tried to capture the animal on film. This proved harder than one might think - these flies are seriously quick.

images/bombylus_major1.png picture of a bee fly on a sunny day… images/bombylus_major2.png Looks a bit like a hummingbird doesn't it? images/bombylus_major3.png next to last one images/bombylus_major4.png last one

For more information about the bee fly check out the Wikipedia entry - it has some truly amazing photage of the thing.

Date: 2012-03-03 Sat

Author: Daniel Davis

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